Australia needs our help and every donation counts

Australia is literally on fire and they need our help. We are not going to go into detail on the devastating stats of the bushfires. It’s all over the news. In summary (and these are just estimates as of today):

1 billion animals

25 people

2,000 homes

15 million acres

And counting… 

Let’s focus on what we can do. In this post, we’ve included just a few of the many many ways we can all help. Literally any donation helps! For convenience, there are clickable links below to all of the organizations we’ve highlighted. Please be cautious of phony donation organizations. There have already been reports of about 50 of these since September!

We are pledging to double down on our likes from our latest Instagram post between now and the end of this weekend. That means we will donate $2 for every like on this post between now and midnight on Sunday, January 12th. So, PLEASE like, share, and tag your friends so we can donate as much as possible!


Donate to firefighting efforts

Firefighters are risking their lives to fight these fires. They desperately need more assistance and equipment on the front line. Many of them are volunteers who have been working non-stop, unpaid, putting their own businesses on pause and their own houses in danger to do so.

Donate to relief and support efforts

Donate to protect and save wildlife

Keep Australia on your 2020 bucket list and beyond

The number one priority right now continues to be the emergency response to these devastating bushfires and the safety of communities and tourists in affected areas. While two of the hardest hit areas are Victoria and New South Wales, many other areas have been affected. Many other areas have also not been affected, or at least remain in a safe enough state to visit.

Nonetheless, when affected communities are ready to once again welcome visitors, tourism will continue to play an important role in supporting their local recovery and Australia’s recovery as a whole. Keep Australia in your hearts and on your travel destinations list through this difficult time. It is truly an amazing country and has so much to offer.